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The Sunny Gardener - November 2023

Green, red and gold Japanese maple leaves against the dark curving wood and tile roof of a temple building.

A quiet month! I hope everyone had a pleasant November. I spent a lot of time scouting for the best autumn leaves.


New users down somewhat this month but active users are up slightly to where they were a couple of months ago. It’s nice to see that people are staying active or returning to accounts that have been dormant for a while, even though there wasn’t any particular hype wave.

45 new users, 496 active users, 47k interactions, 13 reports opened, 13 reports resolved

Hosting Costs

Storage costs continue to creep up ever so slightly as expected, as the database size increases and more higher resolution media is posted.

Cost spreadsheet, text version follows

Expand Hosting Costs 2023-12-01
Main Server 4-8GB-160GB -$36
Database Backups -$11
Media Storage 246GB/mo. -$10
Media Bandwidth Free $0
Media Backups 19GB/mo. -$1
Domain Name $35/yr -$3
Email Server -$5
Donations One-Time $15
Donations Recurring $39
Monthly Totals
Previous Balance $116
Total Expenses -$66
Total Donations $54
Balance $104

Canadian Dollars

Thank you, to everyone that has donated on ko-fi! There’s no obligation or expectation that you donate in order to use the server, and I’m able to cover the costs myself if needed.

– Brook