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In Review, February 2023

Mastodon Upgraded

Mastodon v4.1 was released this month and was upgraded on Feb. 12.

A couple of small features were added for users:

And a couple of important features were added for admins:

Server Shutdowns

On Feb. 10 announced that it would be shutting down in 3 months time (May 9th).

The admin cited the toll of personal attacks as the reason for no longer wanting to continue operating the server. They have also decided not to pass operation of the server on to another operator.

At 16k active users, is/was one of the top 20 Mastodon servers by user count, and that’s quite a few people who will need to migrate to a new server if they decide to do so.

If you know someone with a account who would be a good fit for, registrations are open and we have the capacity for plenty of additional users (not 16k… but hundreds at least)

On Feb. 16, mid-sized Australia focused server (~6k active users) also announced that it would be shutting down, but shortly afterwards announced they would be passing operation of the server on to another admin instead.

The reasoning for the initial plan to shutdown was unclear, but seemed to come down to general dissatisfaction with the experience of running a server.


Active users continues to fall slightly, but there were more sign-ups this month than last, some of whom came over from, and some found the server organically or through

24 new users, 382 active users, 28k interactions, 1 reports opened, 1 reports resolved

Hosting Costs

You may note that the charge for Media Bandwidth is quite small this month at only 10GB, compared to 250GB last month. I wasn’t thinking about it at the time, but last month’s upgrade to higher performance cloud storage actually ended up making media storage slightly cheaper, depending on how it’s used.

The previous (considerably slower) storage plan billed all outbound traffic, but the new high-performance plan only charges for external traffic (leaving the datacenter), but all of the traffic for media storage is considered internal because it is being served by a caching proxy in the same datacenter.

Since the caching proxy has un-metered external bandwidth, all media traffic is free, we only pay for the storage itself.

Cost spreadsheet, text version follows

Expand text version 2023-03-01
Main Server 4-8GB-80GB -$30
Server Backups 80 GB -$10
Media Storage 131GB/mo. -$5
Media Bandwidth 10GB -$1
Media Backups 20GB -$1
Domain Name $35/yr -$3
Email Server -$5
Donations One-Time $80
Donations Recurring $21
Monthly Totals
Previous Balance $16
Total Donations $101
Total Expenses -$55
Balance $62

Canadian Dollars

Thank you, to everyone that has donated on ko-fi! There’s no obligation or expectation that you donate in order to use the server, and I’m able to cover the costs myself if needed.

– Brook